Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This document contains the Terms and General Conditions that regulate the sale of the products presented on this website by Peanutsandnuts with registered address at Carrer Coroleu, 25 (08030) of Barcelona. 

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, since by placing an order through this website, you will give your consent to bind yourself to these Terms and General conditions and to our Privacy policy and use of cookies. If you do not agree with all these conditions and policies, you should not use this website.

Whenever we consider it legally necessary, these Terms and General Conditions may be modified, so you should read them before making any purchase through our website. If you have any questions related to these Terms, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to contacte@fractals.cat or through our contact form.

2.Acceptance of the general terms and conditions and the privacity policy

Before confirming your purchase, you must accept these Terms and General Conditions and the Privacy policy by doing so, declare that you have read and accepted, without any reservation, and you agree that:

  • You are over 16 years old and you have the legal capacity to oblige you for contractual terms and conditions.
  • You will not make any false, fraudulent or speculative order.
  • You must provide us with your email address, postal address and / or other contact information in order to be able to deliver the goods purchased correctly and be able to communicate with you as necessary.
  • We do not send items to post boxes. For this reason, you will have to provide us with the complete and accurate address for delivery. Keep in mind that, if you do not provide us with all the required information, we will not be able to process your order.

3.Validity of the offer and availability of products

The offer of the products will be valid as it appears on the www.peanutsandnuts.com website, unless a specific offer period, such as promotional offers for specific dates, is indicated.

In any case, all orders will be subject to availability. If there are difficulties with regard to the supply or the stock, you will be reimbursed the amount you paid for the affected order and it would not have been possible to supply you.

We reserve the right to withdraw the offer of any product from www.peanutsandnuts.com at any time, without this implying the acceptance of any type of responsibility on the part of Peanutsandnuts.

Although we will do everything that is within our reach to always process all the orders, exceptional circumstances that involve rejecting the processing of an order can be produced after sending the confirmation of the order, so we reserve the right to do it at any time.

In any case, Peanutsandnuts will not be liable for the disappearance of the offer of any product on its website, for the removal or modification of any material or content of the website.

4. How to buy?

Once you have selected the product you want to buy, you have to click and select all the applicable characteristics and the number of units you want.

Once you have chosen these options, you have to click on the "Add to basket" option.

To finish the purchase and indicate the delivery details and payment options, you must click on the shopping basket icon located on the top right of the web.

You can buy articles from www.peanutsandnuts.com as a guest person or as a registered user. Registering will allow you to take advantage of discounts and promotions, access your previous orders and keep all details of delivery and billing, so that you do not have to enter them for future purchases. Please check our Privacy policy

If, once you have started the purchase procedure, you are a registered user and you want to recover your information, you must log in to retrieve it. If you do not want to register or log in, select the option to continue as a guest person (in this case, you will have to provide us with your personal details, tax details and delivery information so that we can process your order).

Acceptance of the purchase is made by clicking the payment button. Although a default method of delivery appears, you can change it later.

Complete the tax information, choose the method of delivery, choose the method of payment and once you have verified the order, you have to accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the corresponding box, and then clicking the "Buy Now and pay" button.

If you want to send us any comments about your order, you can do so in the "Order and delivery comments" section.

If you pay by card or PayPal, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal website (you do not have to be registered) to make the payment.

Once you have accepted the purchase and made the payment, you will receive an email with an identification code so you can control the delivery status of your order.

5. Price

The price of the products will be fixed at any time at www.peanutsandnuts.com. All prices are shown in € (EUROS). The prices shown on the website include VAT at 21% corresponding to the peninsular Spanish state and the Balearic Islands and exclude the detailed delivery costs in the corresponding clause. The purchase of any product from www.peanutsandnuts.com necessarily entails paying a price for the transport provided it does not come to pick it up at our headquarters.

Prices may change at any time, although these changes will not affect the orders for which we have already sent a delivery confirmation.

6. Payment

All purchases can be paid through the following means of payment:

Credit cards

Debit cards


Cash (only if you come to our headquarters and the maximum amount permitted legally)

The authorized cards to make payments to www.peanutsandnuts.com are those allowed by PayPal (Visa, Visa Electron, Master and MasterCard among others). Before making the purchase, check the expiration date of the card, that it is activated to make purchases over the Internet and the limit to make purchases.

Verify that you have filled out all required fields correctly. Once you have finished, the information will be transmitted in a encrypted way (we use SSL). If you decide to pay using a card, the system will contact the bank that issued the card so that you can authorize the payment. Once the bank has confirmed the authentication, the amount will be charged to the card. If your bank does not confirm authentication, the order will be cancelled. In any case, you will be informed of the result of the operation by email.

When you make a payment with a card, you are confirming that it is your property. Payment by credit or debit card will be subject to verification and authorization procedures of the entity that issued the card, so that if the entity does not authorize the payment, we will not be able to process the order or accept any responsibility for any delay or lack of delivery.

7. Delivery. Terms and expenses

All shipments are made by courier service. Notwithstanding the conditions of clause 3 on the availability of stocks, deliveries will usually be made within three (3) working days after the day the order is made. This period may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order, such as the availability of the chosen product or the delivery area. In addition, in exceptional circumstances, this period may be altered by extraordinary situations that affect delivery services or difficulties in delivering goods.

Deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday. Orders are not prepared nor delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Remember that the delivery must be made at the address indicated in normal working hours.

It is also important that you provide us with a telephone number when you place an order to be able to contact you if there is any problem with the delivery.

Remember that the items will not be sent to post boxes and it is essential that you provide us with a complete and accurate delivery address, which should not be located outside the peninsular Spanish state or the Balearic Islands. If you want to send your order to the Balearic Islands, please contact us sending an email to peanutsandnuts@gmail.com or using our contact form before you make any payment.

If you do not receive the order within the indicated period of delivery or if you have any questions, you can contact us by email at contacte@peanutsandnuts.com or through our contact form

If it is not possible to do the delivery after two attempts, we will treat it as a refund. So we will refund the paid amount corresponding to the items purchased.

8. Refunds Policy

You can cancel the order made at www.peanutsandnuts.com at no cost if you notify us of the cancellation before the order has been sent to the transport company. Otherwise, you will have to wait to receive the order to process the refund.

Once the product is delivered, you will have thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the order to cancel the contract and return the product that you have purchased. In this period, you will have to notify Peanutsandnuts of your intention to return the order.

What do I have to do to make a refund?

Contact us using the contact form you will find on our website, filling in the required fields and selecting the "Product Refund" motif, indicating in the "Comments" field the order that appears in any of the emails that you receive from tracking your order.

Once your request has been received, we will send you a PDF file with the information on your order to the contact email address. Print it, mark the items you want to return with an "X" and include it in the package that you send us with the material to return.

Remember that you have to keep the items in your original packaging and labels.

In a maximum period of fourteen (14) days from the notification to Peanutsandnuts of your intention to return products and once verified that the product status is the same as that in which they were sent, Peanutsandnuts will refund the amount corresponding to the returned and verified products through the same means of payment for which it was received.

Keep in mind that:

The right to withdraw from an order will not be accepted when we have delivered customized items, or products that are sealed for reasons of hygiene (underwear and beachwear).

The elements must be in the same condition as when they were received. Returns will not be allowed when the product has been used beyond the opening of its packaging, for products that are not in the same condition as when they have been delivered or have been damaged.

All the items you have purchased in the same order you want to return must be returned in the same delivery.

If you received a gift along with the product you want to return, it must also be returned under the same conditions. Otherwise the amount corresponding to the gift value will be charged.

We cannot offer a change for the product.

You can only send returns from the same country where the order was made.

Cash refunds will not be accepted for delivery.

Returns will not be accepted by any other means described in this document.

Only refunds will be made for products that have been returned in accordance with our refund policy.

We will only process the returns of products purchased from www.peanutsandnuts.com If you have further questions about our return policy, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to contacte@peanutsandnuts.com or through our contact form.

9. Wrong or defective products

Keep in mind that all products sent for delivery are carefully checked to avoid these situations. However, if you think that the product is wrong or has manufacturing defects, please contact us by sending an email to contacte@peanutsandnuts.com or using our contact form

We will contact you as soon as possible to organize the return of the product (along with its original packaging and labels, as well as any accompanying documentation) at the indicated address and time.

Please, do not send us anything without having contacted us.

Once the product returned and verified the error or defect has been examined, we will inform you as soon as possible of the refund amount. The amounts paid for products returned due to errors or defects, once verified, will be refunded in full, including all delivery costs you have paid within 14 days. The refunds will be made using the same payment tool that you used to buy the item.

We will only take care of the products purchased from www.peanutsandnuts.com. If you have further questions about our return policy, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to contacte@peanutsandnuts.com or through our contact form